Petal System


During the first face to face or on line coaching session we will go through a fundamental exercise of assessing areas of your life through my signature “Petal System”, in which each flower petal represents your life. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 – very unsatisfied; 10- perfectly satisfied), assess where do you feel you are at in each area “petal” of your life.

Petal System Sanja Tesic Coach

Self (is represented with the middle circle of the flower) This is your relationship with yourself. Consider how much love, appreciation, acceptance and respect you have for yourself

How satisfied are you with your Physical and Mental Health and wellbeing.

Think about this area in the context of whether you are single or in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, it refers to how you feel about your life with your partner. Is your relationship what you want it to be?
If you are single, think about your level of satisfaction with being single. Some people would love a committed relationship and others are content as they are. How do you feel?

How comfortable are you with the environment you live in? Is it cluttered? Is the energy heavy or light? Is it dark or light? Noisy or quiet?

How much time do you spend socialising/having fun with friends, colleagues, family? What percentage (%) do you feel obliged to attend social events vs (%) you really want to attend the events you are invited to?

This area considers the level of success and/fulfillment you feel in relation to your business, career or current employment . How fulfilled do you feel in your career?

This area refers to how you feel about your level of financial freedom and / or your progression towards your desired level of financial freedom.

If you are a spiritual or religious person, this area refers to your level of connectedness with your belief. If you are not spiritual or religious, think about your level of commitment with life in general.


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