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Sanja Tesic

My Purpose is to unlock your potential

My strength is building individuals’ and organisations’ confidence, getting individuals unstuck and helping them and organisations reach their true potential.

With 15 years experience working with people, understanding them, and providing clarity during their frustrating life periods I provide objective yet empathetic and ethical coaching service, specialising in mindset and career coaching. I am engaged by organisations as an Organisational Culture Transformation Facilitator and Coach with the aim to build capability and enhance human potential within the organisations.

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From Hardship to Happiness

Born to Bloom

An Inspirational biography with self help activities for reader’s personal growth. A story of a war refugee who chooses a victor mentality to succeed.

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Sanja Tesic Coach Programs

Stuck in your life (career, confidence, balance)? ​

Through mindset coaching with me, your confidence will expand and you will experience freedom in all areas of your life and ultimately start reaching your goals.

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Transform Your Organisational Culture?

Low morale, lack of employee satisfaction and burn out are increasingly attributed to negative organisational cultures, which in turn result in decreased performance.

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Our Happy Clients

  • “Sanja is a great coach and knows all the right questions to ask to guide you on your way to the best version of you! If you’re unsure and want guidance about making positive change in your life, I would highly recommend Sanja to help you get there! Also I’d recommend her book “Born to Bloom” – I find it hard to get into books but this one I couldn’t put down!”

    Natalie Butler ( N.B.)

  • “This was my first life coaching experience and I was very anxious as to what to expect from the session. What I noticed straight away and something that is very important to me, was Sanja’s demeanor that projected calm, accepting, and caring. Straight away I felt that she was there to help me and had no interest in judging. Sanja asked me insightful questions and she fully listened to my issues and answers, gently guiding me to find my own solutions with her support, and often in unexpected directions that created productive insights.”

    Ivana Radic (I.R)

  • Very thankful that Sanja presented for The Business Bond Community, she has such a great energy that has lifted up the room.
    Sanja has a sense of calmness, balance, harmony and transparency in her personality that really made this workshop brilliant. Beyond all the experience and qualifications I truly think she has a gift and certain charisma that makes her stand out and deliver amazing results.
    It was a pleasure having her and her wonderful energy.

    Reem Kubba (R.K)

    The SEO Room
  • Sanja’s passion and authenticity shines through in everything that she does. I’ve attended her goal-setting workshop as well as heard her speak in front of 500+ people and she inspires her audience by connecting from her heart. Would definitely recommend her as an amazing coach.

    Kasia McNaught

    McNaught Media

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